Topcon HiPer Pro GPS complete set + TDS ranger

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Demo condition Topcon HiPer Pro GPS Surveying System

This Topcon HiPer Pro GPS surveying system is in excellent condition.

The unit utilizes Bluetooth technology which eliminates common cabling problems. The dual frequency, dual constellation tracking allows the GPS surveying system to connect to a host of additional satellites for a higher level of precision. The HiPer Pro uses a UHF radio for long rang coverage, up to 4 miles.

HiPer Pro features:

• Compact, lightweight design.
• Dual frequency, dual-constellation RTK GPS+ tracking.
• 24 GPS + 11 GLONASS Satellites
• Fully integrated receiver/antenna.
• Integrated Bluetooth communication
• Long range UHF radio – Up to 4mi. coverage!
• Topsurv software - One Controller Software for All
• Totally cable free solution

Topcon HiPer Pro GPS surveying system complete inlcludes:
GPS base & rover with glonass & TDS ranger with survey Pro
Package includes:
1, RTK Base with antenna
1, RTK Rover with antenna
1, Tribrach with adapter
2, charging units for base & rover with cabling
1, TDS ranger with blue tooth & survey Pro software
1, data cable with 9 pin
1, carbon fiber pole
1’ hard shell caring case
1, operators manual