Topcon GTS-802A 3" Complete Robotic total station

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This is a used Topcon GTS-802A full robotic total station with 3” angle accuracy.  It was calibrated 12/14/2011 and hasn’t been used since.

Magnification: 30X
Image: Erect
Angle accuracy: 3”/1 mgon
Angle minimum display reading: 1”/5”
Distance measurement: 1Prism: 2,000m/6,500ft, 3Prism: 2,600 m/8,500ft, 9Prism: 3,400m/11,100ft
Distance measurement precision: +/-(2mm + 2ppm)
Distance measuring time: 0.2s in tracking mode
Distance measuring time: 1s in coarse mode
Distance measuring time: 2s in fine mode
Distance minimum display: 1mm
Angle units: Switchable between meter or feet, angle degrees or gon
Display: Dual, 2 side graphic LCD, Max. 40chr. X 10 lines
Data input/output: RS-232C compatible, asynchronous serial
Data recording: Memory card, holder
Servo driving mechanism: Servo control with slow down function
Servo coarse movement shuttle control outside: 7 speed change
Servo fine movement: Jog control Min. 1 sec.
Servo max. rotating speed: 50°/sec.
Servo Max. auto tracking speed: 5°/sec.


Sale Include:

GTS-802A Total station
Topcon Tribrach
Original carrying case
Hayes Radios & Pole Brackets
TDS Recon